Modelling the flow of cultural goods on the internet.

  Internship Position: Modelling the flow of cultural goods on the internet.


The aim of the work will be threefold:

-          First, a model will be developed for the flows of cultural goods in the internet. Both legal (e.g. Amazon, Deezer) and illegal platforms will be considered, and an effort will be made to precisely account for the various financial fluxes.

-          Second, the model will be calibrated using a large set of empirical data, and its relevance will be assessed.

-          Finally, the calibrated model will be used to investigate whether it would be worthwhile for illegal platforms to become legal in exchange of a contribution to the right owners, and, if this is the case, under which precise conditions.

The internship position takes place in the frame of collaboration between Hadopi and the Regularity team at Inria – Saclay.


Required skills include a working knowledge of mathematical analysis, good notions in the architecture of Internet, and strong programming abilities.


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